Adversity breeds extraordinary ideas. Love and dreams are the fuel that drives you to make your dreams and vision into something tangible. What drives you? For me it began with the love I had for a special someone from the beginning of time.

My adventure began one night after falling asleep, setting out to a special place knowing she loves the beach like I, to buy a postcard, with one letter, in the picture, on the face of the card, with a short note on the back. Each day I sent another from the most beautiful places I knew along the coast. There were 8 letters in total that I needed, for my special message. I anticipated her response as overwhelming once realizing they spelled out “I LOVE YOU”!

Well I woke from that dream in total awe and realized there are no such cards that existed. For the next few hours I lay there formulating this entire idea of how I can carry it thru. From here Creative Letter Art was formed. Its inspired from “LOVE” and given as a gift, knowing the rewards one reciprocates. The photographs you see here will help anyone with the one cherished gift of all, “The gift of giving” something you’ve created!

My passion for what I do started at a young age and evolved into a lifestyle. The work you see here and the vision and love I have for what I do will hopefully inspire you. This product is an expression from the heart and is to be given as a gift. It shows that the gift giver took the time to “design and create then Buy” something special for that Special Someone.

I hope you See the Vision, See the Value and allow yourself to “Design & Create” your special message, for that Very Special Gift.

Warmest Regards,